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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Small" Theatre Budgets

The semi-pro Bailiwick Theatre of Chicago, in a fundraising email, gives a peek inside the expenses of perhaps a typical small urban semi-pro company.

A donation of $2500 pays the phone bill and rent for just one week

Gas to heat us through the winter is $5000

A donation of $20 pays one actor for one performance. Over 200 performers each played an average of 15 shows last year here at Bailiwick

A donation of $1000 pays for a director; $300 for a designer

A donation of $500 can pay for a set in the Studio.

$25,000 will buy us the new lighting equipment we need so desperately

$1,500 is our monthly electric bill.
Keep in mind, Chicago rents are actually cheaper than NYC and other large cities.

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