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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guthrie 360°

If you're curious what all this Guthrie hubbub is about, then here's a great, great time-waster. A complete virtual tour--including 360° panoramas--of nearly every nook and cranny of the new complex. Courtesy of the Minneapolis Star-Trib.

I seem to recall some carping a year ago at the unveiling. Still haven't been myself. From the pics I'm just amazed this much money--and it screams money--was raised in this country to build a "legitimate" (i.e. not for touring musicals) theatre! With three spaces and plenty of audience lounging space, seems like the funds were put to good use so far.

Drool away...


Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

While it does look a bit like a giant IKEA store on the outside (thanks to its blue facade and yellow windows), it's what's inside that counts. And that is pretty spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I was there for the TCG conference and given the tour. My God. Honestly, the theater is nice, but the backstage--the scene shop, the props shop, and especially the costume God. and the number of personnel in each...My friend directed there a few years ago, before the new building, and she said it was the most luxurious experience directing she ever had. Now...I say again, my God.