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Friday, October 05, 2007

L'Affaire "Catered"

Remember that little LA Times review I posted Wednesday about A Catered Affair? Well, someone ain't happy with Charles McNulty about it.

"In life there is always one badly behaved guest at the party, and in this case it was the reviewer from the L.A. Times," Fierstein [i.e. Harvey] wrote in his e-mail, which went to, among others, the head of the William Morris theater department and executives at Jujamcyn Theaters, co-producers of "A Catered Affair."

"The man begins his piece by telling us that he hates the original film, hates the original teleplay, has no respect or even like for the work of Paddy Chayefsky, dislikes social drama in general and downright loathes me.

"He then wastes the rest of his newspaper's space trying to justify his loathsome opinion. I'm sorry, friends, but that's not reviewing, that's simply proselytizing."

True, he must be touchy about McNulty saying he sings "as though he just gargled with thumbtacks." But remember, Fierstein also wrote the book for "Catered" (adapted from a Chayevsky original) as well as staring as his own interpolated "gay uncle" character. So he's out to protect his property. To wit, reports the Riedel:
And in laying the groundwork for "A Catered Affair," he's dined with some of Broadway's most influential reporters, columnists and bloggers.
Hmm. Who are these bloggers of whom you speak, Michael?

Carnegie Deli would be fine with me, Harvey.

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