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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lockout Update, 1:30pm

A more detailed NYT story online now from Campbell Robertson. (Too late for the Arts print edition, so in the Metro section.)

Now Campbell, I'm confused about the status of Young Frankenstein, since in your September 26 article, you said: "'Young Frankenstein,' is playing in a nonleague theater, and would probably open no matter what." Today you're reporting a lockout "would affect all the shows currently on Broadway except for four — 'Mary Poppins,' 'Pygmalion,' 'Mauritius' and 'The Ritz'— which are playing at nonleague theaters." Did Mel decide to play nice with the League?

(Frankenstein previews are scheduled to start tomorrow. So I guess it's already had its load-in.)

Also in the piece, some hardball from new League chair, Charlotte St. Martin:

They’ve basically come back with virtually nothing that we’ve asked for....In fact, the union’s offer has made the situation worse for all productions.
Response from James J. Claffey Jr. (president of Local One)?
“We will continue to negotiate with honest exchanges but we will not make a concessionary agreement in these prosperous times in this billion dollar industry."

I repeat, as of now, there are no negotiations going on and there is no offer on the table.

However, before you trade in your tickets, Robertson says: "If the league declares a lockout, it could start immediately or after a period of several days."

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Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

I think the confusion came in Robertson's wording. Since Young Frankenstein doesn't become a "current" show until previews begin tomorrow, it was left out of the mix. I've always had the Hilton down as a non-league theatre.