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Friday, October 12, 2007

Playgoer in LA

As mentioned yesterday, I'm now in LA for the weekend, attending and presenting at a musical theatre conference at UCLA.

It's a great line-up of scholars, including David Savran, D.A. Miller (Place for Us), and legendary archivist Miles Kreuger. Plenty of panels on both egghead and toe-tapping stuff.

I myself will be on a panel 11am Saturday, on "Middlebrow and Cultural Prestige" with a brief presentation on the many faces of the marketing campaign for Grey Gardens and what it says about class and demographics for the current Broadway musical. After I've tried it out there, I'll try to post some version of my talk here.

So drop by, Angelinos! And tell me what theatre I should catch here. If I have time.


Anonymous said...

Is it open to the public?

Playgoer said...

Yes, open--and free!--to the public. Sorry, forgot to make that clear.