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Friday, October 19, 2007

Producers Still United Front

Okay, so maybe the Nederlander recusal does not foretell a weakening of producer resolve:

Or so says Riedel today

So does this mean the Nederlanders have broken ranks?

In a word, no.

The Nederlanders can't implement for a technical reason: They have a separate contract with the stagehands.

And while they're sitting in the negotiating room in solidarity with Shubert, Jujamcyn and the producers, they are there strictly as observers.

But sources say the Nederlanders will not wiggle out of their commitment to their colleagues.

Should a strike hit the Shuberts and Jujamcyn, the Nederlanders will lock the stagehands out of their theaters.

Riedel also reports that a yea vote Sunday by stagehands to authorize a work stoppage is "certain."

So we're back to where we were before, basically.

(Read Riedel's first item, btw, for updates on the sad 37Arts story. It's being "foreclosed." Yet more bad news for commercial Off-B'way.)

1 comment:

One NYC StageHand said...

Cute little story about Mel, late of the Writers Guild, looking out for his guys. It's a pity that the understanding of how a load-in works is so limited that a supposed pro would not recognize Theatrical Teamsters when they saw them. You see it's their job to handle the scenery coming off the trucks. They are supposed to sit outside, in all kinds of weather and wait for the next truck. While it may seem strange to someone who is off to a nice lunch at an expensive restaurant, this is how the real theatre works.
And I hope McIndoe buys Reidel a nice dinner for the mention which I presume was the whole point of the story.