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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Showtime for Hillary & Barack

Remember the big Dem debate in La La Land at the Kodak Theatre? Well, sure enough, the LA Times sent Charles McNulty to review it as an opening.

Obama is the far better Method actor of the two. Which is to say there's less of a visible gap between the role he's playing and the self he has freely exposed since he became a marquee draw. He connects with crowds -- he rouses -- through his comfort in his own skin and story. His past is complicated, but from that complexity he's discovered the power of honest reckoning and straightforward emotion. He's a natural performer. Clinton you can imagine rehearsing her lines in front of the bathroom mirror.

Her advantage is that she knows her text inside out. She's like one of those actors -- Maggie Smith is reported to be one -- who are always studying backstage, underlining and dog-earing their script. Professionalism goes a long way in the theater.

Apparently the show did so well it's extending. Maybe even through the summer!

Not to mention the "tour."

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