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Monday, March 31, 2008

Annals of Stunt Casting

The "thesp" and her Entourage.

Yes, it's true. Katie Holmes may co-star in an Arthur Miller play on Broadway.
Katie Holmes may make her Broadway debut next season.

The thesp is in talks to appear in an upcoming Rialto revival of Arthur Miller's 1947 play "All My Sons." Dianne Wiest is also said to be a possibility for the cast, but so far the only confirmed star for the production is John Lithgow.

Brit actor-director Simon McBurney, founder and a.d. of theater troupe Complicite, will likely helm the fall revival, produced by Eric Falkenstein ("Bridge & Tunnel").

Katie Holmes, "thesp?" Really? Really??

That said: Simon McBurney is an amazing director! And Lithgow's great, too. Though odd casting for this role, maybe. And her role is quite "supporting," actually. (But that Tony category for Best Featured Actress in a Play might look like an easy get for Tomkat, inc.)

Still, a great and timely play about a family torn apart by "The Good War", in which the father is a small-time war profiteer. Let's hope it's not ruined by Suri-hunters.


Anonymous said...

Josh Hartnett also currently has an offer, along with Patrick Wilson.


Sarah McL said...

It may be stunt casting, but Katie Holmes isn't the worst they could do. She may be half of the bizarro twins, but she's not the worst actress in the world (see: The Ice Storm and Wonder Boys).

The Joy of Victor said...

the biggest surprise, to me, is simon mcburney directing 'all my sons.' then again, the brits love their arthur miller more than any of us americans could ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

Rumor as it in Hollywood that that the Director and Producers for ALL MY SONS Have been considering a New Comer Adam Sands!