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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mark Bly to Houston

There's probably only about 5-10 dramaturgs in this country who actually make a living at doing that--i.e. institutional positions that pay well enough to be genuinely full time and genuinely meaningful jobs (as opposed to writing mass rejection letters to playwrights.)

Mark Bly is certainly one of that small group of "in demand" dramaturgs after his many years at Yale Rep and more recently Arena Stage. Now he's headed to the Alley Theatre in Houston where...

In addition to serving as dramaturg for select productions, Bly will be responsible for the creation of the Alley's new play program, involving readings and workshops with established and emerging playwrights.
Hiring Bly to head your new play program marks a pretty serious commitment. And when you consider the resurgence of such activity and investment in Denver, too, you have as much evidence as you need that the center of gravity for new play development and production in the US may not only moving out of NYC, but moving West!

If it hasn't already...

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