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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That Pulitzer Bounce

Since winning the Pulitzer, audience attendance at August: Osage County has slipped down beneath 50% capacity.

One conclusion to draw is that the Pulitzer has ceased to matter in the consciousness of Broadway audiences. Another is that anyone who would have been impressed by the Pulitzer has probably seen the show already.

Other theories?


Anonymous said...

Methinks both guesses are accurate. Perhaps the move to the smaller theatre plus a possible Tony bounce will pick up the slack.

But isn't this a bit of a low period for most shows anyway? Post-Spring Break, pre-Summer/Tony Awards?

Unknown said...

What are the effects of the Pulitzer on previous plays? Did Doubt go up, down, or nowhere after it won the Pulitzer? I have a feeling that the Pulitzer is far more effective in moving sales of the script than in selling tickets to the show.

Anonymous said...

So I just came across a new website that does something pretty cool. You can check out a funny little icon to see if the NY Times enjoyed the show or not! No kidding! A little Ben Brantley icon either gives the thumbs up, sits on the fence, or looks like he's going to hurl! It's hilarious. You all have to check this out and tell me what you think. Are these people on? Does the review of August Osage correspond with this? Let me know your thoughts. Go to No, I'm serious, that's the name of the site!

J. Kelly said...

Might this have something to do with it switching theatres? People waiting for it to move to the Music Box? I dunno, just a guess...

Murph said...

Mr. Nestruck has a point that people may have been waiting to see it in the more intimate venue - but I think that with two other star-laden plays beginning previews recently the serious play going audience has been lured to flashier fare.

These are Mike Nichols' new production of The Country Girl with Morgan Freeman and Frances McDormand, and Laura Linney in Les Liaisons Dangereuse. But having seen them both in early previews, I can attest they are both a bit dull.

I've been telling everyone I know to see August if they're headed down to New York, but I don't know how many converts I can manage from Toronto.