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Friday, May 16, 2008

Fallen Mermaid

Remember that Little Mermaid actor, Adrian Bailey, who fell from the hanging ship in the flies (see above) before the show and broke his "wrists"?

Turns out a 20 foot plunge tends takes a little bit more of a toll than that.

The original press statement said that Bailey had broken both his wrists during the fall; the New York Times indicates that Bailey's injuries were more severe. At Bellevue Hospital Center Bailey, age 51, was treated for "fractured wrists, a broken back, a shattered pelvis, a fractured sternum, several fractured ribs and a fractured foot." The singing actor has already undergone four surgeries, according to the court petition.
And, yes, he's suing.

That's right, age 51!

Wish him well. Like the show or not, we can all agree the victims of The Little Mermaid should be limited to those foolhardy enough to buy a ticket.

Oh, and by the way, insert disaster-show metaphor here.

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Anonymous said...

Something about a shiprweck, hopefully?