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Monday, May 19, 2008

Live Streaming OBIES!

I'm off to the OBIES, which I will be writing up for the Voice in a quick turnaround for this Wednesday's edition. So look for that then.

Meanwhile, if you can't get into Webster Hall, enjoy the proceedings yourself from the (no doubt greater) comfort of your own desktop via the first ever OBIES webcast.

Downtown mistress & master thespian power-couple Liz Marvel and Bill Camp will be hosting, and Passing Strange will be performing! (However, their number will not be webcast due to copyright stuff.)

The awardees will be posted on the site soon after the ceremony comes down, around 11pm.

And don't bother looking for lists of nominees--cause there ain't none. It's the OBIES, man.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, big yawn this year. Some nice nods, but not terribly inspired.

Anonymous said...

Seemed to go by more quickly this year. I melted for Marcy Gay and Julie White was a hoot. Really enjoyed the Passing Stanger number and Stew's tumble. Missed having In Memorium read aloud - even if usually long, I'd take the time to remember.

Lots of great shows this year - not enough awards: Happy Days, Grace, Crooked, Stretch, Ladies&Gents, Fabrik, Beebo, Receptionist, EndGame, 500 Clown, Maudie&Jane, How Theater Failed, Hostage Song, Blind Mouth, Young Ladies of, just to name a few.

Clearly, anon' didn't drink enough of the free vodka.