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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No Smoking in this Boys Room

The theatrical smoking ban hits Chicago--and targets one of the biggest shows of them all: the touring production of megahit Jersey Boys.

Reports the Trib's Chris Jones:

Most people inside our city's government, I think, see the absurdity of this situation. And thus enforcement has, to say the least, been less than enthusiastic. There are numerous shows in town, right now, wherein the characters smoke. I won't name them. Wouldn't want to alert the police.

But when a patron complains—as someone did in the case of "Jersey Boys"—the Chicago police have no choice but to issue a warning. And thus there was no choice but to rid the smoke from the show. A spokesman said that "it took about a week" to figure out how to remove all the smoking from the Chicago production.

My god, who complained? I'm sorry, but you ain't getting no second-hand nothin' from inhaling herbal-substitute fake-nicotine puffed by one guy on a stage platform 100 yards away from you.

And I sure hope Chris didn't blow the cover of those other little storefront shows!

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