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Thursday, July 10, 2008

NYC "Indie Theatre" Gets Organized

Martin Denton over at is hosting a "Convocation" Saturday afternoon to rally the "Indie Theatre" community and discuss future plans for advocacy and organization. For an overview of objectives, check out his podcast interview with co-founders John Clancy and Paul Bargetto.

Meanwhile, here's a preliminary agenda on his blog:

(we're expecting John Clancy, who was one of the founders of FringeNYC; Shay Gines of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards; Erez Ziv of Horse Trade Theatre Group; Paul Bargetto of East River Commedia; independent producer John Pinckard; and hopefully some other folks who have been involved in getting this new organization off the ground).

The presentation starts at 2:00pm. There are really two main focuses of the Convocation -- first, to talk about some initiatives and programs that I believe will be genuinely valuable to the NYC indie theater community; and second, to provide a forum for folks involved with indie theater to share their ideas and feedback with us and with each other.
This will also be a chance to become a "charter member" of the League of Independent Theater and to discuss in general what such an umbrella organization might reasonably accomplish to benefit you--the typical NYC downtown/Off-Off theatre artist/company.

So if that indeed is you, you might want to show up at the Barrow Street Saturday at 1:30.

Off-Off's getting it's act together, baby. Watch out!

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