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Monday, September 15, 2008

Katzeye Report

by Abigail Katz

And we're off!

The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) begins today! More and more, the festival is becoming a place for producers to find projects to bring to a larger audience. Transfers from the festival include ALTAR BOYZ off-Broadway and [title of show] which enjoyed an off-Broadway run at the Vineyard and is now running on Broadway at The Lyceum. I have to give a shameless plug for CYCLONE (AND THE PIG-FACED LADY) for this year's festival (full disclosure- I am an associate producer on this production.) But seriously, girl super hero, gypsies, Coney Island, need I say more? Check out our Facebook page (and become a fan!) and our new website and more importantly BUY TICKETS! They're only twenty bucks people! Best buy for some serious talent throughout the festival. For tix and info about becoming a NYMF member, log onto the festival website. See you there!

Last week I had one of the most awesome, most rockin' theatrical experiences I can remember. Shame on me for waiting so long to see FUERZABRUTA, but if you haven't seen it, get some friends together and go! It's theatre in it's most communal and celebratory form. Good stuff! (Just know that you stand the whole time and you might get a little wet, so dress comfortably.)

I finally got to see HAIR this weekend. It was quite an adventure- waited on line for six hours Friday and got tickets, only for the show to be rained out (ugh!) But I did manage to get a standby ticket on Saturday. Well worth it. A friend of mine who got in for last night's closing perf said there was an announcement for the Broadway transfer to happen this November. Hmmmm. Do they have a theatre? Will they be brave and put it in the now available Circle in the Square? It's a small theatre but at least it will retain some of the open feeling the show had at the Delacorte. Furthermore, if this is true, is Jonathan Groff out? He's scheduled to go up at Playwrights Horizons in Craig Lucas' A PRAYER FOR MY ENEMY in November. By all accounts HAIR producers want him in the show. Stay tuned for official details on this much anticipated production.

Another plug for WHAT'S THAT SMELL: THE MUSIC OF JACOB STERLING at Atlantic Theater's Stage 2. Get tix here.

Finally, a follow-up from my post from last Thursday about LIPSTICK ON A PIG: THE MUSICAL. Producers are apparently in talks with Tina Fey to portray the Governor of Alaska. Of course this ups the capitalization even more (currently estimated at $25 million) but there is a strong feeling Fey will draw audience. In addition, one reader suggested using the wolves from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST for the wolf-hunting number. Honestly I don't remember wolves in BEAUTY/BEAST as I saw it so long ago, but my clever reader you are onto something- Disney has been approached to be a co-producer on LIPSTICK, which would allow the new tuner to take advantage of the Disney catalogue and characters. Gettin' better all the time.

OK enough Monday frolic. Scroll down for an important message from the Playgoer.

And from me, go to the theatre!


Anonymous said...

This is over a week old now, but for what it's worth...

"Confirming ongoing rumors and speculation, the Public Theater has announced that HAIR ... will indeed transfer to Broadway sometime in early 2009.

At this time there is no word on a theater, dates or who from the current cast will transfer to the new production will be co-produced by Elizabeth I. McCann and the Public Theater."

Abigail Katz said...

Yes that was released quite a bit ago (and pretty much the entire theatre community knew about it before then.) But this other announcement was as of last night, so I'm not sure what it all means, unless the person who told me misheard. We shall soon find out!