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Friday, October 17, 2008

Full Disclosure

One reader asked me a fair question the other day about my plugging of my publications on Amazon:

I suspect you have a deal going with Amazon for every book referral and, though I appreciate the need to cover costs and make a buck, recommendations to such a destructive behemoth sit oddly with the tone of this blog. Perhaps you might include "and/or from your local independent bookstore" each time?
Duly humbled. Indeed, signing up as an "Amazon Associate" (as many blogs and websites do) does entitle me to up to 5% of proceeds from any sale of any item bought at Amazon when clicked through from the links posted here. Hence, yes, I am shamelessly hoping for that $10 gift certificate every 8 months or so that accrues. (I've gotten two so far. So thanks, readers!)

Seriously, though, I take the point about the unseemly appearance of endorsing corporate conglomerate destruction of small businesses. However--you'll notice now on Amazon there are many sellers who are in fact independent bookstores, so feel free to buy from them. And I don't even get a piece of any "3rd party" sales, so how's that for disinterestedness.

And, yes, I care more about people reading my work in these fine books (or my wife's poetry anthology--hint, hint) than the 5% so just get those books by any means necessary! Amazon fat-cats be damned.


isaac butler said...

Hey Garrett,
If you're worried about principles etc. you could become a Powells associate instead!

Playgoer said...

Thanks for the tip, Isaac. I had no idea Powells had such an option. Will definitely look into it.