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Monday, October 20, 2008

Provincetown Playhouse update

While NYU apparently gained all the approval it needed back in May for its compromise revised plan for developing the site of the historic Provincetown Playhouse, a protest was staged yet again today as the demolitions are about to begin.

The University's response:

John Beckman, a spokesman for N.Y.U., said the criticisms were unfair....“We are preserving the cultural significance of the site by preserving the four walls of the Provincetown Playhouse — which will continue to be a theater space when the project is complete — and building around them,” he said.

Mr. Beckman also said that Mr. Berman’s group was trying to inflame public opinion in a misleading way by distributing fliers that said the playhouse was going to be demolished. “It is simply untrue, which they must know,” he said.
Right. The theatre's not going to be demolished, just the building!

Oh right...wait, wha???

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Anonymous said...

Please, I hope that everyone will go here and ask the Chair of the LPC to intervene:
it's a quick email form. Tell them that you care and not to let nyu do this.