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Monday, December 22, 2008

Oops, George Bush really IS "only for now"

You know, call me silly, but I actually did wonder the other day as I counted down the days to inauguration...Gee, what's it gonna be like at the finale of "Avenue Q" when--in the catchy list-song "Only For Now"--they add to the long list of things to bid good riddance to: "George Bush!... is only for now..."

Well apparently the Avenue Q folks have been wondering that, too. Says show's creator, Jeff Marx: ""We're still searching for the best way to celebrate the end of the Bush regime."

So what else to do but have a contest! Yup, amateur lyricists this--to paraphrase another amateur lyricist--is your moment!

If it weren't such a happy show, I'd say don't change it and let it be a period piece of life in alphabet city under the Bush years. Still, the line--and the huge applause that greeted it--was quite a cathartic moment when I saw it. Imagine how lame things are on Broadway when that felt dangerous to say on Broadway. (It was 2005, remember.)

Personally I'm very tempted to celebrate the end of Bush II by going ahead and spending my Bush-era "tax relief" check on Will Ferrell's Broadway vanity project:You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush. But only if I can go first preview: January 20.

Gotta love that title.

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