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Monday, January 12, 2009

Celebrity Casting Update

Punsters, start your engines.

"A Tony for Tony!"
"A real 'hit'!"

Yes, expect all this and more Soprano-rific cringers while we await the Broadway debut of one James Gandolfini.

To his credit, though, this ain't no "Bronx Tale" turn. He's co-starring in the US premiere of the latest Yasmina Reza play! And the ensemble is filled out by real, may I say, "pros": Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis and Marcia Gay Harden. Director is the Brit Matthew Warchus, Reza's official English-language interpreter.

Perhaps Mr. Gandolfini will also need an interpreter.

Oww! Bada-Bing!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ding-Dong,
Mr. Gandolfini was in A Streetcar Named Desire with Jessica Lange and Alec Baldwin he played Steve but covered Mitch. He went on once and became a huge star. Do your research.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: My research shows that Gandolfini became a huge star after getting "The Sopranos" in '99, not after going on once as Mitch in the '92 "Streetcar." Please don't call me a ding-dong.