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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Magic! Magic Theatre Lives

The desperate pleas worked.

In late 2008, the not-for-profit announced on its website that it was $600,000 in debt and would shut its doors Jan. 9, 2009, unless it raised $350,000. The deadline was extended to Jan. 12 when an anonymous donor offered to match money that was donated. The total raised was about $450,000.

The donor who offered the challenge grant was an anonymous national arts supporter who wanted the theatre to meet and exceed its fundraising goal so that Magic "has the resources to continue its 43rd season and secure its future," according to Magic.

A good thing. But, man, don't be surprised if we start seeing more "emergency" fundraising appeals.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sure, there may be a few craven opportunists out there, but I guarantee that most "emergency" appeals these days will be the genuine article. The gross ticket sales that the near-complete erosion of government funding for FY2010 will be a perfect storm for struggling arts groups. I say: if a group asks for your help, and you think they're worth saving, you should pony up.