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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taxing Theatre Indeed

Well word travels fast about how well Broadway shows sold last year. NY Gov. David Patterson, faced with budget-balancing hell, has included the commercial theatre as an income-area ripe for taxation.

Reports Crain's today:

Included in [Patterson's] plan is a 4% tax on Broadway tickets, concerts and other entertainment. Officials at trade association the Broadway League believe if the state tax is passed, the city will add its own 4%, leading to an 8% charge for tickets.
I choose to think of it as a "sin tax" myself.


Theater of Ideas said...

And of course that money will go directly into funding non-profit art...oh, wait.

In some countries they fund the arts. In others, they want the arts to fund them.

I understand they're desperate. And I understand that Broadway, actual commercial Broadway is big business. But really...

Abigail Katz said...

Also, such a tax was eliminated several years ago so money could go into the AEA pension fund. What happens to that if there is a new entertainment tax? And it certainly won't bring down the price of tickets. Nice going, Gov.