The Playgoer: Will Theatre Outlive The Newspaper?

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Theatre Outlive The Newspaper?

NY Times today wonders, "which will be the first big city without a large newspaper, but there are candidates across the U.S." (Cuz obviously we're just fine, ha!)

So my question is: how will (and I say "will" not "would" since it is now accepted this will happen) the disappearance of serious daily newspapers in major cities affect the life of the theatre in said cities?

And I don't just mean critics.* I mean without the newspaper itself. So not only no features, but no listings, and no ads.

These regional theatre folks better get web savvy real fast...

*To their credit three of LA's big Artistic Directors' sent a joint letter to the LA Times protesting the laying off of a number of the city's critics and theatre editors.


Esther said...

Well, I think there's a core population that supports the touring productions of Broadway shows and the local repertory theater company. The people who want them will still find them. The problem is growing an audience. The smaller theater companies and festivals that might warrant a feature story or a review or a listing will get overlooked. And you lose the chance to attract a new theatergoer who might stumble upon an article or an ad and want to give it a try.

Blue Duck Catering, Inc. said...

Well, come on. Obviously theatre needs to change and update their marketing as times change. We just have to learn how to not be 10 years behind. In many ways, I'd say we're on our way there.