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Friday, April 17, 2009

Backstage at Guthrie

I belatedly caught up with an interesting episode of "Theater Talk" from last August, on location at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. A nice 25-minute tour of the lavish new building for those of us yet to make the pilgrimage. And, if nothing else, a reminder that the sites of advanced theatre facilities and physical production in the US are not in NYC, where venues are largely limited to outdated Times Square playhouses or else makeshift Off Broadway black boxes.

As Riedel points out at the end, they just barely got the funding in for this one under the wire, didn't they.

Warning: Directors of theatre companies with less than $10 million operating budgets and/or production staffs smaller than 85 may experience sever pangs of envy and/or bouts of sobbing.

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Esther said...

It is a beautiful building. I was there in September for the first time. I looked through the season catalog and what's great is that there always seems to be multiple things going on, year-round. There are three performance spaces, restaurants, bars, you can take a class or a backstage tour. The view of the Mississippi River is beautiful.