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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Get a Room

Michael Musto goes to Waiting for Godot on Broadway:

The bedraggled stars—Nathan Lane and Bill Irwin—hit their stride in Act Two, with a heartbreaking display of brilliant chemistry and timing. But the night I went, a couple in the second row weirdly started making out in full view... So all that nihilism and despair made them hot? They'd probably be fornicating over at [Ionesco's] Exit the King.
Reminds of Denver Post's John Moore rule #4 in the regrettably increasing list of audience etiquette breaches in the 21st century:
Shut up with your coochy-coo already: You may be in love, but that life force does not ensconce you two in a soundproof hyperbaric chamber. We can hear you!
Personally, I'm short. So the second the couple in front of me touch heads or one leans on the other's shoulder... I can't see!

Of course, the locus classicus of this "primal scene" is here:


Anonymous said...

I won't resist. The perfect cast for a tv Godot: Jerry and George as Vladimir and Estragon; Newman and Kramer, Pozzo and Lucky; Elaine as The Boy. I get 10%.

Playgoer said...

Funny you mention that Anon, but I've thought of Michael Richards in Godot, too, but as Estragon! He's such a uniquely gifted clown. And to fill out the TV-star casting: Kelsey Grammar as Vladimir.

And since I've started: Rip Torn as Pozzo, Roberto Benigni as Lucky.

Yep, pretty random ideas start floating through my head at night sometimes...