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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Patti fights back

Against the NY Times, and against YOU the audience. That is, if you're one of those folks snapping pics of her or texting through her show.

Dear Dave Itzkoff,

Your story about my stopping my concert in Las Vegas on the New York Times ArtsBeat blog was forwarded to me.

I found the tone of your report very snide and feel compelled to write you to ask – what do expect me, or any performer for that matter, to do?

Do we allow our rights to be violated (photography, filming and audio taping of performances is illegal) or tolerate rudeness by members of the audience who feel they have the right to sit in a dark theater, texting or checking their e-mail while the light from their screens distract both performers and the audience alike? Or, should I stand up for my rights as a performer as well as the audiences I perform for?

And do you think I’m alone in this? Ask any performer on Broadway right now about their level of frustration with this issue. Ask the actor in “Hair” who recently grabbed a camera out of an audience member’s hand and threw it across the stage. Or ask the two Queens in “Mary Stuart” (Harriet Walter and Janet McTeer) how they react to it.

Good for her.

And here's some audio of her in action during Gypsy, mid-"Rose's Turn."

A show in itself.

1 comment:

Marinda Dove said...

Do people think they are in a cinema? Do they not realise there are actual human beings working there? Bizzaire!

M x