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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sorry, No Blogcast

Well, given the Tonys' irrelevance, maybe it's time to retire the tradition anyway. But truth be told, it is a faulty Verizon DSL connection that has let Playgoer down this year by thwarting his plans for the 5th--yes, 5th!--annual Live Tony Blogcast. And, sorry, but he ain't moving off his couch and he ain't staying in this Starbucks any longer either.

Still I'll watch, what the hell, and maybe have some "reflections" tomorrow if anything notable happens. And feel free to comment here with your own running commentary. I hereby declare this a Tonys '09 open thread!

And if you get really bored, there's always Blogcasts of Tonys Past....


Monica said...

I do not want to see "Rock of Ages" after seeing the number.

Tom Shea said...