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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Photo of the Day

See the little brown-brick cube in the middle there? With the four white dots between those Art Deco white beams? You might recognize that facade from this old downtown fixture:

Or, as it appeared in more recent years:

Yes, NYU's "renovation" of the Provincetown Playhouse building has begun. Well under way, in fact. I snapped the top pic myself when walking by the site last week. Yes, they're doing what they promised, alright: "We are preserving the cultural significance of the site by preserving the four walls of the Provincetown Playhouse." Still, coming across this empty pit on MacDougal St. was still pretty startling to see for oneself.

So I guess one should be...happy? After all, there's the proof. The four walls are indeed there. And the rest of the building, yes, was never part of the theatre itself and was in fact heavily redone in the 1940s, blah blah blah.

Still. For a theatre lover such a site still bears so much resonance. The onetime home of Eugene O'Neill and the other pioneers of the Provincetown Players, barely standing, in a pit of demolition, the wrecking ball still literally dangling.

In case you're wondering what the sign on the construction site says under "What's Going on Here?" (good question!)

"This project is being brought to you by New York University." Thanks, NYU!

(Brought to me??? Like some TV show for my enjoyment?)

And just to remind you of the NYU plan...

Bowery Boogie also had some snapshots and updates back in May.

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