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Thursday, July 02, 2009

What? A Panel About Theatre Blogging?

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!

Another panel discussion of blogging, theatre, and the interwebs. Featuring yours truly, Parabasis' Isaac Butler, and Time Out's Helen Shaw. Moderating us (though not to the point of moderation, I hope) will be the Times' Erik Piepenburg, who I must say has done an outstanding job giving the paper's theatre page a real web presence, with nifty features like the "slideshows."

So come to CUNY next Wednesday, July 8 at 6:30. And be ready to rumble.

Meanwhile, you can check out the latestissue of American Theatre for a transcript of a similarly-themed CUNY panel earlier this year about the future of theatre journalism ("Criticism in Flux"). Lots of talk about blogging. No bloggers on the panel. Hm.

Oh, and the transcipt isn't posted on their website. So you'll have to buy the mag. How apropos, in a way.


Angela said...

I'm in Connecticut for the summer (most of the time I'm in Florida getting my MFA in Acting... and blogging about it). I'll have to look into whether it would be possible for me to head out for this. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up!


Angela said...

I think I worked it out. Keep an eye out for me. :) (like the headshot, but with shorter hair)

Anonymous said...

What? A panel on blogging, and nobody blogged about it?