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Friday, August 07, 2009

Time Off

Another August has arrived and that means time for Playgoer to take a little blog-respite to catch up on other stuff and generally clear my cache, if you will.

So for the rest of the month I leave you in the trustworthy hands of some super guest-bloggers, three returning champs and one new associate. I'm especially proud that this year I have reached out around the country so that this site will now be posting from three different cities.

  • In New York: 1) the infamous Dr. Cashmere, and 2) Abigail Katz, associate artist with The Civilians, producer at Voice and Vision, and all-around dramaturg.
  • In Los Angeles: Steven Leigh Morris, critic for LA Weekly and playwright
  • In Chicago: Suzy Evans, who covers theater for Chicagoist and has also written for American Theatre & Theatre Bay Area
In addition to posting whatever they want, I have specifically asked all our guests to give us a bit of a sneak preview at any upcoming fall openings in their area particularly of note--especially by companies and artists we may not all be familiar with nation-wide.

So please join me in welcoming our brave correspondents and egg them on with plentiful comments. I may even do that myself from time to time...

Meanwhile, I leave you with one more link, to Matt Freeman's tale from the playwright-rejection-letter trenches. Enjoy. Or maybe not.

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