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Monday, September 14, 2009

Arts Journal: Happy 10th!

On his own blog, Douglas McLennan announces the 10th anniversary of his invaluable site, ArtsJournal, the best out aggregator out there for arts stories around the country and the world.

Perhaps it's not fair to call it an "aggregator" though since it is thoughtfully curated by McLennan (currently the acting director of the National Arts Journalism Program) and his staff and also hosts many indispensable arts/culture bloggers, like theatre critics Terry Teachout (of WSJ), San Francisco's Chloe Veltman, and Philly's Wendy Rosenfeld.

I know I pilfer from ArtsJournal all the time for good story-links, and I'm sure many other arts bloggers do, too. (It's made easy by subscribing to their daily newsfeed.) Basically, such sites as this make a vibrant arts-journalism presence on the web possible.

So on behalf of arts bloggers--yea, arts journalists--everywhere, I thank you Doug McLennan, and god speed into the next phase.

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