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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Ascendancy of Jordan Roth

The 33 year old producer/rich-kid has made his move in the wake of Rocco Landesman's elevation to the NEA. Jordan Roth has taken over Jujamcyn, Broadway's 3rd largest theatre-chain/producing-outfit.

Notes the Times, Landesman and Roth "will have equal ownership shares of Jujamcyn, although government rules forbid Mr. Landesman to discuss the business with Mr. Roth." Say wha???

Well at least it's new blood. Maybe Roth can revive the tradition of the tasteful creative commercial producer.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Broadway, here's something that will catch your fancy:

Even though it is a translated article, it kept me reading through my coffee break!


isaac butler said...

Has Jordan Roth as a producer ever overseen (or originated) a hit? Love Janis was a pretty big flop, A Catered Affair was a disaster. I can't think of many others right now.