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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NEA Caves to Glenn Beck?

I'm only just catching up with this story and I still don't understand it. I don't even understand the typical childlike logic of Beck's argument as to what exactly National Endowment of the Arts Communications Director Yosi Sergant did to incur the wrath of yet another phony outrage campaign.

Something to do with the NEA actually supporting Obama's community service initiative? And this is bad because...? Oh, I see, Glenn, because it's going to indoctrinate our children through all that art they see. Well you should be glad they don't see much of that anyway--thanks to the likes of you.

The good news is the NEA just announced Sergant has not been fired from the agency in response to the protest. The bad news is they did indeed remove him from the post of Communications Director, thus appeasing the Fox "News" loudmouth and his reactionary, know-nothing minions.

What was that Chairman Rocco said upon taking office? about standing up to the demonizing of the NEA and calling Republicans out on their bullshit? Here's a good opportunity to start doing that, Rocco. Or else, next thing you know, they'll start accusing you of funding "death panel" poetry slams.

(hat tip: 99 Seats, Parabasis, and Rob, who's done a little follow-up reporting of his own)

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