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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Philadelphia Experiment

Promising news from Philly, via Davenport:

The Philadelphia Theatre Company and The Wilma Theater activated their wonder-twin powers yesterday when they announced a "Best Of Broad Street" subscription package (the theatres are across the street from each other) that allows Philadelphians to create a season subscription by choosing two plays from one theatre and two plays from the other.
Let's see what happens. I bet it will still be a while before we see something similar tried in the larger and even more competitive market of NYC nonprofits. But I think it would be ideal here for a coterie of smaller companies--especially those who only put up one or two shows a season, and especially if they rent space in the same venue, like Theatre Row or 59E59. Or for a larger company to share subscribers with a smaller co. renting space from them (like MTC and the Pearl.)

Details on the "Best of Broad Street" package here.

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