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Friday, October 09, 2009

The Piven Papers

NYT gets a hold of the complete Speed-the-Plow v Piven arbitration report.

Buried in Patrick Healy's summary is the wackiest he said/he said I've come upon in a while.

The players are mega-producer Jeffrey Richards and Dr. Carlon M. Colker, Jeremy Piven's personal physician:

Mr. Richards and Dr. Colker had a heated phone conversation, which ended when Dr. Colker abruptly hung up. According to Dr. Colker’s testimony, Mr. Richards called back to say he had secretly recorded their first phone call — then hung up himself. A bit later, Dr. Colker testified, he received a call from a person identifying himself as a USA Today reporter and claiming to have the tape recording. Dr. Colker said he believed the caller was Mr. Richards, disguising his voice. Mr. Richards denied that, and said he had in fact not taped the first call.
Hmm, does a certain Broadway producer wish he had an acting career?

Got a lot of time to kill this weekend? Read the whole official 44-page document!

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