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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Theatre 80 Lives

Following up on a previous post, the owner of Theatre 80 St. Marks himself--Locan Ottway--writes in to say reports of the space's demise are greatly exaggerated.

We have a web page which soon will have the schedule for Theatre 80, I believe it is … it will be up soon. We don’t publish the schedule until there is a deposit check in hand, but we are in final negotiations for two operas, a musical, and several other works, including dance… and the big (you heard it first here…) news, is that we are installing high definition projection with a 12 by 28 foot retractable screen, set far back on the stage, so that the sight lines and image will be a great improvement from my father’s day. We will have film on occasion, though our primary focus will be live theater.

Continued best wishes from the Otway family to those dear patrons who have shown us such love for the past 44 years.

All the best
Lorcan Otway
Thank you, sir. We need spaces! So we're pulling for you.

It's a nice website--and it includes rental info.

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