The Playgoer: Memo to Deaf-Actor Advocates

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Memo to Deaf-Actor Advocates

The reason a deaf actress wasn't cast instead of Abigail ("Little Miss Sunshine") Breslin in The Miracle Worker on Broadway was not because no deaf actress isn't talented enough.

It's because no deaf actress is famous enough.

Forget about that "right actor for the role" stuff. This is Broadway.


Arielle said...

So then that raises the question: how do deaf actresses get famous if no one is willing to cast them, even in deaf roles?


^what Arielle said.

C.L.J. said...

The same as hearing actresses; persistence and luck.
The bottom line for any actor: you do not have a right to be cast, only a right to audition.

Playgoer said...

For the record, I wrote that post with not a little tongue in cheek. I do sympathize with the difficulties of deaf, blind, and all disabled actors. And I think their advocates have every right to use this high-profile production to make their case. And I think it's good that both this protest and the one over "Heart is a Lonely Hunter" at New York Theatre Workshop is good for the theatre community, in forcing us to think about something I don't think many have thought about.

My only point here was...this is Broadway, folks. Barking up the wrong tree when it comes to principles. Here, fame trumps all--especially talent and ability.