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Monday, November 23, 2009

Today's Roundup

Notable news and interesting reading from around the web.

-Make more money from a flop than a hit? Okay, not more, but Variety says don't count out B'way underperformers like Shrek on the road--even if it takes the Bus & Truck circuit.

-LA Times' Charles McNulty uses the Lee Strasberg Institute's 40th birthday to reflect upon the history and legacy of "the method."

-Parabasis mourns the loss of another recession casualty, DC's Catalyst Theatre.

-Need more Schiller in your life? Ach, ja! Check out the biographies and films commemorating his 250th.

-Do Americans not get farce? SF critic Chloe Veltman ponders.

-And finally, the folks at Womens Project have asked me to spread the word that their Lab program will survive their recent grant-loss, and that the deadline is coming up soon. Applicants welcome.

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