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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photo of the Day

photo: John Marshall Mantel for The New York Times
scene of the crime
Marriott Marquis Hotel, 12/10/2009

As if Broadway didn't have enough problems. At 11:15 this morning, on a chilly but bright and sunny Christmas season shopping day, there was a police shootout right in the busy drive-through of the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway between 45th & 46th. (Site of the Marquis Theatre, currently home to, what else, Irving Berlin's White Christmas! ) A man fleeing from and shooting at police was shot dead. Details here.

According to the Times, the store window above seen shattered by bullets is aptly named, "Broadway Baby."

Hats off to NYT photographer John Marshall Mantel for that shot. Tells the whole story, don't it?

The old Times Square is back, baby!

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chris brown said...

I love animation cartoons cant wait to see whats in store for this..