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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday Roundup

-Pacino in the Park: Public announces Al Pacino will star in next summer's Merchant of Venice production in Central Park. Too bad I saw the movie already. But hey, I guess, at least he knows the lines. Oh, and speaking of lines...expect long ones to get into the show. (Other play will be Winter's Tale, starring the excellent Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Leontes.)

-Williamstow Theater Festival (or as I like to call it, "WTF?") will be seeking new AD starting 2011 now that Nicholas Martin has announced he'll step down after next summer.

-The first ever Zelda Fichandler award, given by SSDC (the directors' union) for outstanding contribution to regional theatre goes to...Jonathan Moscone, of California Shakespeare Festival. (He is also, by the way, son of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, gunned down with Harvey Milk in 1978.)

-It's about time someone programmed a whole festival devoted to the fine art of stage combat! Williamsberg's Brick Theater is doing just that with their "Fight Fest" featuring the work of leading practitioners like Qui (Vampire Cowboys) Nguyen. Time Out's David Cote shares video of what it's like to go a few rounds with these guys. (But David--don't forget, never talk about fight club!)

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Unknown said...

That Winter's Tale sounds far more fascinating!