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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ask the Ish

Ever wanted to ask Charles Isherwood a question?  I thought a few of you might...

So quick, hurry to by Friday for this online Q & A the Times' second stringer is submitting himself to.

One noteworthy tidbits from Day 1 today is the clarification of what shows the Times feels obligated to review:

The Times reviews all Broadway productions and all the Off Broadway productions from established not-for-profit companies. When it comes to Off Off Broadway things are trickier, since it’s a universe unto itself that is sometimes hard to navigate. The theater editor, currently Stephanie Goodman, in consultation with the critics, determines which shows to cover using various criteria, generally related to the prominence of the artists involved and the reputations of the companies. And sometimes downtown buzz lets us know which new companies and unknown (to us) artists to cover.
Good to have that on the record finally.  I imagine Press Rep's can also be influential in putting certain shows on the editor's radar.

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