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Friday, March 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

"In an interview four years ago Conor McPherson, a Dublin writer of similar stature, questioned how Irish [Martin McDonagh] really was. “More like stage Irish,” he told me. Mr. McDonagh responded to this comment with a flash of anger, disregarding a pledge he had made minutes before to give up harshly judging other living writers in the press, firing off one of those hilariously belligerent rants that his characters are known for and that can’t possibly be printed here. Translated from the profane to the mundane, he said he was going to beat up Mr. McPherson next time he saw him."

-from Jason Zinoman's up-close-and-personal (-and-inebriated?) with Martin McDonagh.


Malachy Walsh said...

How silly they both are, afterall, they're both Spanish (I'm included in the "they" there).

matt said...

After seeing Behanding, we know he isn't American, so what the hell is he?

Anonymous said...

London-born and raised of Irish stock. Off-stage Irish enough to, in a twist of time-honored Erin fashion, diss his homeland, as in the following tipsy nonsense:
"As for its theater scene, putting it in the context of soccer, he compares the British stage to “Greek second division.” In his formulation, New York is the World Cup."
Feckin' eejut.

Anonymous said...

By that point, MM had only had a drink or two and seemed pretty sober to me. Jason Z

Playgoer said...

Thanks for clarifying, Jason! Pardon me for jumping to conclusions.