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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quote of the Day

"It seems that culture and art are important as long as they redevelop neighborhoods or have some quantifiable measure...We're continually losing sight of the value of what's created, not just as a means of social or economic change, but as art. It becomes a Band-Aid to fix the ills of society and is not about the art or the artists  anymore." 

-Rachel Zimmerman, Philadelphia's InLiquid, a visual-artist collective.

She's talking about the increasing linking of arts funding (especially in the public sector--i.e. NEA) to explicit, manifest community service. 

For more, see Philly Inquirer's Stephan Salisbury's very informative look at what's on the agenda for Rocco Landesman's NEA.


Scott Walters said...

It's about time that people realize that art ISN'T ABOUT THE ARTISTS. Sheesh. It isn't about economics, either, but it isn't about the artists.

Playgoer said...

Well don't leave us hanging, Scott! What IS it about?

Scott Walters said...

*LOL* The audience/community. Art exists to create meaning, strengthen shared values, and broaden understanding. It deepens people's sense of place, sense of self, and sense of connection. Artists exist to serve that process, but they are instruments to a larger end.