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Monday, March 29, 2010

Truth in Advertising

"If you want to reach an audience with a household income greater than $100,000 per year, The New York Times stands above the rest."

This New York Times ad copy (appearing these days both in print and online) is part of a campaign to fend off an aggressive challenge from the Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal to go after the local market by stepping up its NYC culture and lifestyles coverage.

Says Murdoch about taking on the "arbiter of culture": "“We believe that in its pursuit of journalism prizes and a national reputation, a certain other New York daily has essentially stopped covering the city the way it once did.”

Even the Times itself has had to report on the story.

As the above ad indicates, the rivalry between the papers might not only push the Times to skew more local, but to skew more upscale in order to win over more of those WSJ readers--I mean, advertisers.  That's who such ads are aimed at.

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PeonInChief said...

More upscale? Is that possible?