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Thursday, April 15, 2010


In other news...

-Rocco on The Hill: NEA Chair gives first Congressional testimony. (His full opening statement here.)

-Public Theatre & LAByrinth: splitsville!

-What's up with the South Park/Avenue Q/ Book of Mormon musical?  And why is no one saying what a political/religious made-for-Fox-News controversy this will be? (especially in the midst of a Mitt Romney presidential campaign...)

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cgeye said...

The silence is damming, innit? Even LaBute doesn't get a squeak from the LDS, simply due to the good sense he has for not opening his premieres in Utah, and what's outside the motherstate doesn't matter. Heathens, after all....

But the play's premise could work simply because those borderline libertarian fascists will put down everyone in their path -- the new political correctness of insulting everyone but the superior smartass -- so they'll insulate themselves especially from those liberals who object to the LDS' conservatism, but can't object to the probably sweet and winning missionary protagonists.

It if hits, it's CANDIDE; if it fails, it'll probably recoup within a year -- these are the SOUTH PARK boys, after all.

And, yeah, I don't find them charming or funny, because I see them as Madonna, 10 years younger -- once they stop being inventive, they'll revert to their essentially conservative, cranky form, insisting on a fake accent and nice houses and respectability, throwing their old audience to the curb.