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Monday, May 10, 2010

Another End of a Downtown Era

In yet another "farewell to the stage" Richard Foreman makes little news in claiming he's going to focus now more on film and video. But he does seem to be serious about moving out of his longtime home at St. Mark's Church.

Dear Friends,

The Ontological-Hysteric Theater announced April 16 that it will leave our theater space of eighteen years at St. Mark's Church in the Bowery at the end of June. This is a big step for the theater and for me personally, but it signifies a shift in my work--not an end to it. In addition, I'm happy to tell you that the Incubator presenting programs will take over the theater at St. Mark's July 1st.

Since making St. Mark's our permanent home in 1992, the Ontological has produced my annual theater works and fostered a new generation of independent artists. Our relationship with St. Mark's has been and remains one of respect and generosity. I may continue to work occasionally in the theatrical world, but my immediate next steps will focus on film and video work. While the Ontological-Hysteric Theater will not seek a new permanent home, it will remain active and you can hear about upcoming events through this very email list and through our website.

The Incubator will continue its commitment to emerging artists, while making room for longer residencies with more established companies. New work development and world premieres will continue to be the focus of the work.
While Foreman was already creating work for over twenty years before moving into St. Marks, for those like me who only came of age with his work in the 90s, his aesthetic will always be inseparable from that cramped little crashbox. No one else's work has really looked as good in there, and I will miss it.

But I'm glad the valuable Incubator program will continue to do the lord's work in that sacred space.

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