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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Roundup

-What, a Vanity Fair photo spread on Tony nominees?  What's next, people watching the broadcast? (Oh wait, it's only a "web exclusive"...)

-Actors Equity has a new president: Nick Wyman. First order of business: fend off the challenge from the American Guild of Musical Artists, who represent singers and dancers in general "live performance" venues--except Broadway shows.  Get this, they're arguing that they should be the union for the American Idiot cast because most of them, literally, don't act!

-Stat of the day: "Out of 114 cultural institutions polled in January, 42% anticipate canceling or postponing programs this year."  All this and more good news by way of Crain's.

-And coming up in your Sunday Arts& Leisure, Charles Isherwood's love letter to Nathan Lane, Broadway's "greatest entertainer" of the last decade. (Making up for that Addams Family review, are we?)

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