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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Monday News Roundup

by Matt Roberson

- A travel guide is the historical basis for a new play.  The guide was called "The Green Book", and it's purpose was to provide black road trippers in America with a list of places they could safely stop at for food, lodging, etc., during the Jim Crow era. 

- Sides are being drawn at ART in Cambridge over the start of  Diane Paulus' second season as Artistic Director.  In spite of this clash of cultures, Paulus is still best known as the award winning director of the recent production of Hair, and for The Donkey Show.  She's made some big changes and expectantly, some people are not happy. 

-  Broadway director/producer Hal Prince, who has been attached to many of the white way's greatest hits, has a few words on the state of the musical theatre in America.

-  For me, the Fringe is over.  In memory of my herculean efforts as a reviewer, why not take a moment and read my final Fringe '10 review, a two-hander entitled P.O. 

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