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Monday, September 13, 2010


-Glutton for Punishment?  CBS commits to carrying the Tonys for three more years.

-LA Times gives overdue attention to one of the American Theatre's most accomplished artists: lighting designer Jennifer Tipton. ("Actors don't do what you tell them, but lights do.")

-David Hare provides an interesting outsider's perspective (and tribute) to Mad Men. ("Mad Men, at its most basic, plugs into the theme of class which powers so much great American art. Like Some Came Running, The Godfather, or A Place in the Sun, it features aspirational characters who think they want to move up through society, but who are then haunted by the feeling that gain is loss.")

-Chicago Trib's Chris Jones says of outgoing mayor Rich Daley: "It's hard to think of another American government official who has stepped out so far, and so often, in support of the arts as the lynchpin of a vibrant, modern city." 

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Unknown said...

I can attest, under Daley, Chicago has been a great place to create art. Though not all to his doing, the city remains an affordable place to produce work, including a few prominent spaces run, and heavily subsidized, by the city. The guy is a bull in a china shop, but for the arts, he's been great.