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Monday, September 27, 2010

Unveiling the New Arena Stage

Big multimedia coverage in Friday's Washington Post of the new Arena Stage complex. So if you don't live there, take the virtual tour!

Here's their new blackbox:

WaPo describes this space as a "reinvention" of the blackbox form:
The most innovative and daring feature of architect Bing Thom's complex may be the new 200-seat theater, which helps support the roof while reinventing the small theater space. Inspired by the sculpture of Richard Serra, the Cradle is approached through a narrow, semi-circular passage that takes audiences on a journey away from the everyday world. Inside, woven wooden slats compensate for acoustical problems, and make the audience feel like it is sitting in a giant wicker basket.
Hmm, do I want to sit in a wicker basket? Still, pretty cool looking.

And get a load of the AD's "fishbowl" office:

That's right. Just take a walk down Maine Avenue and toss Molly Smith your script!

1 comment:

Julie said...

This all looks amazing, but I seriously need to know where they got those orange/cognac-colored leather armchairs. I clearly need to deck out my own office with them.