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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let Intiman Die?

Seattle playwright Paul Mullin is, to say the least, not moved by the Intiman Theatre's plight:

In a recent email to everyone in their database the Intiman made it clear that unless a half a million dollars is raised by the end of March, and then another half million by September, the theatre will cease operations.  In the business, we call this a “shoot-the-puppy” campaign: a deeply desperate move, fraught with risk, but also deeply arrogant....

“Without the Intiman, will we be as strong?” she [AD Kate Whoriskey] implores in closing.  And all I can think of is the Lone Ranger joke.  He and Tonto are surrounded by a band of Apaches.  He says, “Looks like we might die here, old friend.”  And Tonto replies, “What’s this “we” shit, Kemosabe?”

Seattle theatre is alive and thriving.  Buy me a beer and I will name you at least 100 theatre organizations in Western Washington more deserving of your donation than the Intiman.

And so he does...

Cranky? Yes. But not unreasoned. A good read and a warning to all "big" regional theatres about the perils of perceived arrogance towards your local theatre community.

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